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Conlon Nancarrow, Study for Player Piano No. 40

Nancarrow’s first pieces combined the harmonic language and melodic motifs of early jazz pianists like Art Tatum with extraordinarily complicatedmetrical schemes. The first five rolls he made are called the Boogie-Woogie Suite (later assigned the name Study No. 3 a-e). His later works were abstract, with no obvious references to any music apart from Nancarrow’s.

Many of these later pieces (which he generally called studies) are canons in augmentation or diminution (i.e. prolation canons). While most canons using this device, such as those by Johann Sebastian Bach, have the tempos of the various parts in quite simple ratios, like 2:1, Nancarrow’s canons are in far more complicated ratios. The Study No. 40, for example, has its parts in the ratio e:pi, while the Study No. 37 has twelve individual melodic lines, each one moving at a different tempo.


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one of my greatest musical achievements is being able to differentiate between 3/4 and 6/8

51pegasi-b said: Seven Eight is a BOLD CHOICE!

i’m so scared


now we’re talking


now we’re talking

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i’ve written 3 songs so far and they’re probably really poopy quality but i’m writing music and that’s all that matters yay me

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it’s amazing it has a cute lil face and it sounds like it’s screaming

i couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t understand the instructions then i finally came to the conclusion that it’s because they’re written in japanese

It came with instructions for an origami swan!

Little Sister’s present arrived today oh no